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Creativeworks London has produced a number of films about its research and funded projects that can be viewed below. Our YouTube Channel can still be visited here.

CWL Festival Guide

CWL Festival Guide

Welcome to the Creativeworks London Festival. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate four years of bringing London’s researchers, creative entrepreneurs and businesses together to explore the capital’s creative economy. Creativeworks London (CWL) is London’s Knowledge Exchange Hub, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), and since its inception in 2012 it has funded 143 collaborative research …

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Festival Radio

Resonance FM recorded and broadcast a number of sessions from our Festival. These can still be listened to on the Resonance FM Mixcloud: Part 1 - CWL Festival radio – 29th April 2016 Part 2 – CWL clear spot – 29th April 2016

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Creativeworks London Festival 2016

The Creativeworks London Festival 2016 was a culmination of the work and outcomes achieved by the CWL programme. The festival celebrated four years of exploring the capital’s creative economy, bringing London’s researchers, creative entrepreneurs and businesses together.

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Boost Video


The Creativeworks London BOOST Scheme presents the research methodology, outputs and impacts from a key strand of collaborative research activity undertaken within the CWL project.

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LS 2

‘Beauty in Imperfection’

‘Beauty in Imperfection’ is one of the outcomes of London Sinfonietta’s ‘Co-Curate’, a collaborative research project between Kingston University and London Sinfonietta supported by a Creativeworks London Creative Voucher. Co-Curate ( is a digital platform which invites audiences to respond to a range of briefs conceived in collaboration with educational institutions, composers and artists. New audiences are invited to participate …

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Front Cover 7

London Creative and Digital Fusion Booklet 2012–2014

The London Creative and Digital Fusion programme of interactive, tailored and in-depth support was designed to support the UK capital’s creative and digital companies to collaborate, innovate and grow. Creativeworks London contributed by running the Fusion Collaborative Awards that included Business-to-Business classes and workshops on IP. Creativeworks London is delighted to show the outcomes of the two-year programme in this …

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Innovation Powerhouse

Innovation Powerhouse disseminated some of the work done during the London Creative and Digital Fusion Programme and invited businesses to a workshop to meet and connect with financial experts, movers and shakers from the digital and creative industries. Also showcased were Fusion Collaborative Awards and Fuse companies in a poster installation during the networking that followed. Below you can download the …

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Driving Product into the Luxury Market

RolleyGolfTM worked with Goldsmiths University to enhance client relationships and boost its business strategy, enabling it to offer new employment opportunities and grow its customer base. Arnold du Toit, RolleyGolfTM founder, said: “The London Fusion project has engendered a feeling of trust and shared experience
between the project participants that we feel brings fresh understanding to a range of questions influencing …

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Beyond the Pop-Up: Rethinking Interim Use

The Creativeworks London Creative Voucher Revaluing Temporary Urban Use project brought together specialists in art, architecture and urban research and led to a public debate and knowledge cogeneration to inform working practices. Andreas Lang, director of Public Works, said:
“We benefited from the working methodologies brought to the collaboration by the researchers, which have informed our practice. The collaboration has allowed …

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Brighter Futures with Rapid 3D Scans

Product Science: Project Andiamo and Kingston University worked to ease delivery of children’s orthotics and slash waiting times from 13 weeks to 48 hours while revealing a wider market opportunity. Naveed Parvez, Product Science: Project Andiamo co-founder, said:
“In the next 12 months we will work with at least 20 families to design the service with them.” The study has produced …

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Retail Design for the Digital Era

Innovare Design collaborated with Goldsmiths University to add value for clients and improve market share by creating a knowledge hub for the Rebecca Sharman, client services at Innovare Design, said: “The main aim of the project was to challenge the way in which Innovare Design works.” The London Creative
and Digital Fusion Collaborative Award offered research input and knowledge generation support …

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English Touring Opera / Creativeworks / GSMD research into opera in cinemas

The current trend for large opera companies to broadcast their work in cinemas has changed the audience experience of opera. National opera company English Touring Opera (ETO) collaborated in 2013-14 with Creativeworks London and researchers at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD) on the first academic study of this phenomenon in the UK. The research explored the appeal …

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London Fusion

London Creative and Digital Fusion

Creativeworks London at Queen Mary University of London partnered with London Creative and Digital Fusion, led by Lancaster University, from the autumn 2012 to December 2014. The London Fusion project was a 2 year programme of interactive, tailored and in-depth support, designed to help London’s creative and digital companies to collaborate, innovate and grow. The Partnership was part-financed by the …

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Joining the dots. Wendy Malem, Centre for Fashion Enterprise

Wendy Malem is a pioneering and highly recognised fashion designer, academic and researcher; she has high-level strategic experience both within the international designer sector and more recently in higher education. Wendy has been director of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise since April 2007. In this presentation given at Creativeworks London’s Building Better Networks event, she discusses the importance of networking …

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Oli Mould2

My networking is not working! Oli Mould, Royal Holloway, University of London

According to Oli Mould, within the creative industries, networking has always been considered to be an advantageous practice. Creativity is seen to be collaborative, so “spaces for networking” and “inter-disciplinarity”, are always seen to be important. However these notions are based on a paradigm that is chronically one-dimensional. In this presentation given at Creativeworks London’s Building Better Networks event, Oli …

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Network Building

Networking in the Creative Economy

This film has been created by the Creativeworks London ‘Place Work Knowledge’ (PWK) research strand. It is the result of an event run by Creativeworks London’s Knowledge Exchange team. The theme of the event focused primarily on the importance of network building by small and medium sized enterprises in the creative economy.  It includes a number of industry experts as …

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Video of the KE Hubs from the Creative Economy Showcase

The AHRC Creative Economy Showcase took place on 12 March 2014 at Kings Place, London. This video is focused on the four Knowledge Exchange Hubs, created by the AHRC in 2012. It includes Creativeworks London and our Hub Director, Morag Shiach, talking about what we do. A video about the event in general can be seen here.

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Creative Voucher Arcola Theatre Production Company and City University London

A partnership between Arcola Theatre and Professor Stephen Cottrell, School of Arts and Social Sciences and Dr Amanda Brown, School of Informatics. The project started in September 2013 and finished in February 2014. The project focused on the development of Arcola’s local audience with the aim to re-engage the local, positioning Arcola as a local offering while meshing this with …

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Audiences, Live! Understanding and augmenting audience dynamics at live events. – Download Presentation

What makes live performance compelling? How does it differ from relays or recordings?  This event will explore the emergence of new techniques for capturing, understanding and instrumenting the dynamics of live audience interaction; both performer-audience and audience-audience. The aim is to promote discussion of how digital technologies are transforming the experience and analysis of live events and is aimed at those …

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Prospectus 2014 cover small

Creativeworks London Prospectus 2014

Creativeworks London is delighted to have published a new Prospectus, with details of the work we have done in our first eighteen months. The document was created by Villalba Lawson.

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Creative Works London Dinner Debate: ‘A New Industrial Revolution’?

With Rt Hon David Willetts Minister of State for Universities and Science Tuesday 4th February 2014 At St George’s House, Windsor Castle ‘A New Industrial Revolution?’ Much championed, the new Digital Creative Industries are often perceived as being clustered around relationships with London’s leading universities. Indeed recent research shows an intriguing map of connectivity and cross cutting relations between the …

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Creativeworks London is one of four Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to develop strategic partnerships with creative businesses and cultural organisations, to strengthen and diversify their collaborative research activities and increase the number of arts and humanities researchers actively engaged in research-based knowledge exchange.