The Creative Voucher scheme enables small and medium sized businesses to partner with an arts & humanities-based researcher from one of Creativeworks London’s partner institutions. This section shows all of the projects that we have supported so far. More information about the scheme can be found here.

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Creative Voucher Scheme

Peckham Platform and Birkbeck, University of London
peckham platform

SME Partner

Emily Druiff, Peckham Platform

Academic Partner

Dr Sophie Hope, Birkbeck, University of London

Project Title

Social Art Map

Project Description

The project will create a Social Art Map to draw parallels between commissioning models across those engaged with social arts practice in London*. This project is central to Peckham Platform’s status as a new National Portfolio Organisation to become a hub for commissioning and promoting meaningful and accessible social arts practice.

The project will involve five visual arts organisations that commission social arts practice, including Peckham Platform. It will identify the different ways in which this practice is initiated and produced, through interviews and a focus group with these organisations and their networks.

This research will pose the following questions: What is the starting point for a commission? How are decisions made? Who is involved in the decision making process? The project aims to increase understanding, improve transparency and strengthen communication between practitioners, organisations, partners and audiences by clarifying and sharing what is good, effective professional practice. Peckham Platform and other organisations within this network will use it to inform their work with local communities and partners.

* In this context, ‘social arts practice’ is understood as artists collaborating with groups often in community settings in the co-creation of a public outcome.

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